Go Cornhuskers!

I’m feeling the Nebraska love this month. Baker’s Magic is nominated for a Golden Sower award,  a statewide children’s-choice award. As a result, I’ve been in touch with lots of readers from the state.

I did a Skype visit with a couple of fifth grade classes from Falls City, NE — the first Skype where I tried to use PowerPoint. I also had to use a borrowed webcam, since my built-in one is, oddly, in the lower left-hand side of my screen. When I Skype with it, it makes me look very strange to people on the other side — I’m looking away from them as I talk to them. Anyway, it all worked; the students were great and asked good questions, the PowerPoint and webcam behaved. And then I did another Skype with kids from Doniphan, NE — again, it went perfectly, and the questions they asked were excellent.

The Golden Sower winner isn’t decided until spring, so I’ll be waiting anxiously. In the meantime, Nebraska students, keep reading! (And I’m happy to Skype with your classes: just send me a request.)

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