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Remember way back when I pressed “Send” and hurled a manuscript off into the world? That was a while ago. In publishing, the wheels grind exceedingly slow. But now…

…the book is under contract! And I can finally tell you a little more about it. Below is the official announcement in Publisher’s Marketplace:

February 26, 2015
Children’s: Middle grade Diane Zahler’s BAKER’S MAGIC, in which a young baker’s apprentice must save a kingdom (with a little help from a blacksmith’s son, a lonely princess, a pocket hedgehog, a rowdy band of tulip pirates and some magical sweet-rolls), to Beth Brezenoff at Capstone, with Krissy Mohn editing, by Jennifer Laughran at Andrea Brown Literary Agency.

 I love the description, and I’m thrilled to be working with Capstone. HOORAY!

And here, just because I’m so happy, is a pocket hedgehog for you:

pocket hedgehog