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Another Day, Another Book

Yesterday was publication day for The Marvelwood Magicians. 

And the title of this blog is the EXACT OPPOSITE of how I feel.

This is my sixth novel; you’d think it would get old, right? But honestly, it doesn’t. Though the process gets a little easier, a little more familiar (sort of like giving birth to your sixth child, if you aren’t too squeamish for that metaphor), it’s still an utter thrill to bring a new book into the world. Knowing all those pre-orders are winging their way to readers (you pre-ordered it, right?), seeing it on bookstore  and library shelves, and hearing from people who’ve read it — all of that is just as much fun with the sixth book as it was with the first.


So go read! If you want to order a copy, just click on the cover. Let me know what you think! Happy book birthday to the magical Marvelwoods!

Book Birthday!

Happy Book Birthday to Sleeping Beauty’s Daughters!


Today the book is available in  your local bookstores and libraries — or if it isn’t, let your bookseller or librarian know you’d like to read it! You can also order it yourself; just click on the cover.

I’m doing a blog tour for the book. The schedule is here. Check out the reviews, guest posts, and giveaways!



And if you’re in the Hudson Valley area, or you’d like an excuse to visit: Oblong Books and Records in Rhinebeck, NY, is hosting a book launch on Saturday, August 31st, at 6 p.m. There will be cake and cookies, giveaways and prizes. You can pre-order signed copies here.


Last butcover not least, Princess of the Wild Swans is now available in paperback! Click on the cover to order.